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Public Administration: Concepts and Theories [Rumki Basu] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Books for Public Administration - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File Administration Theory and concepts by Rumki Basu, Public Administration by. Available now at - ISBN: - Sterling - - Under the impact of globalisation new ways of conceptualising administrative.

Individuals in this theory are functionaries of the organization.

Efficiency Classical theory stresses efficiency in organizational work. The command structure is designed to manifest both the overall objectives of the organization as well as the specific purposes of the functional units. Although the classical system stresses structure over everything, the basic issue is efficiency in communication. This requires certain things to be in place: a strict definition of duties and objectives, the control over all labor functions and a rational connection of one functional unit to another.

Without these basics, no organization can function efficiently, according to the classical argument. Atomism More abstractly, the classical theory stresses the fact that individuals have no intrinsic connection to one another.

Mosca and Michels, two renowned sociologists, extensively wrote on bureaucracy. But it is Max Weber who made a systematic study of bureaucracy.

In British India, the bureaucratic organisation was able to serve the interest of the British. But after few decades, this bureaucracy became afflicted with many ills.

At the advent of LPG model, bureaucracy attracted greater criticism due to its under- performance. By negating the existence and importance of bureaucracy, the private players have been started to be welcome and invited. But again, gradually it comes to light that the market model of governance is not all in one and is unable to address many problems of the society. So, despite many shortcomings, bureaucracy has its relevance even in 21 st century.

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But this bureaucratic organisation needs to be reformed and redesigned to be a fit instrument for good governance. Under the leadership of Indian politicians, this very strong bureaucracy which was known as the steel frame of Indian administration got engaged in the development of the nation.

The devotion and commitment of the public servants towards public service became low. They became busy in serving their own interest instead of serving the public interest. Therefore the people started to be dissatisfied with the functioning of the bureaucracy. This dissatisfaction amongst people became a problem not only in India but many other countries also faced the similar experience.

Public Administration - Rumki Basu

There felt an urgent need to come out of this crisis. So in the discourse of public administration, discussion and debate to find out new ways to improve administrative system, started. The NPA emphasised on the concepts like participation, responsiveness and client-orientation. The Public Choice theory questioned the basis of bureaucracy, and the New Public Management perspective evolved being inspired by the Public Choice theory.

After going through economic crisis for almost a decade prior to s, India has to liberalise its economy under the structural adjustment programmes of the International Monetary Fund IMF and the World Bank. The NPM reforms have been initiated, which advocated for the market mechanisms as new ways of delivering services to the citizens, shrinking the sphere of bureaucracy.

Question has also been raised about the efficacy of the traditional machinery. Need has been felt to devise some new mechanism to administer the society and accordingly, many new principles and processes have been introduced under the rubric of LPG.

It has been demanded from many corners to do away with the bureaucratic organisation though it had worked for centuries and worked well over a considerable period of time and still working, though with a decreased degree of efficiency. Attack on Bureaucracy has become more widespread and more aggressive since s. On the other hand, after observing the functions and performance of LPG model for over a decade, it has also become clear that the market model has also many drawbacks and limitations.

Books for Public Administration

Governance without bureaucracy is not feasible. So bureaucracy has to stay and therefore it has to be corrected to overcome its drawbacks.

Administration in 21 st century is being influenced and impacted by new ideas, new processes, changing demands and increasing expectations. In such scenario, the machinery which runs administration needs to adopt some changes its behaviour and functioning. This is termed as bureaucratisation.

Here, the bureaucrats are using their expertise, knowledge and power to fulfil their own interests at the cost public interests. Sometimes, they influence the politicians. Sometimes, they make the process of working complex through rigidity and red-tapism.

This kills the very motive of responsiveness to the people. Bureaucratisation thus breeds corruption and inefficiency. Another challenge comes directly from the political masters though the bureaucrats are indirectly responsible for this. This is the danger of politicisation of civil service by the politicians. Here the bureaucrats are getting politicised sometimes willingly to get some undue favour in return and sometimes under heavy pressure.

(Books) Public Administration: Concepts and Theories By Rumki Basu

Instead of working for larger public interest objectively, the bureaucrats are compelled to work for the party in power irrespective of its legitimacy or for some narrow vested interests.

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Once again i am making it clear that we should study as much as possible. The writer has to go along what the question says and the statement should be supported with facts. Goh Cho Leong. Spectrum book. I recommend this one over all others. Comprehensive list of books for GS History. Bipin Chandra for Modern India may be referred.

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Dutt and Sundaram. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Indian Adm Jump to Page. Search inside document.This dissatisfaction amongst people became a problem not only in India but many other countries also faced the similar experience.

Special issue of PD.

Once again i am making it clear that we should study as much as possible. They also play an important role in bringing about the economic growth of the country by operating industries, giving loans etc. According to her, the public administration in these countries performs regulatory functions while ensuring the enforcement of law and order, collection of revenues and the national defense against aggression.

Here, the bureaucrats are using their expertise, knowledge and power to fulfil their own interests at the cost public interests. Help Privacy Terms. Administration and Governance. The Gujarat carnage clearly shows the ugly face of politicisation and criminalisation of administration. The demand of the question is to provide both positive and negative aspects or the merits and demerits both.

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