Store your contacts' info all in one place. Learn how to add, edit, and delete contacts in your Desktop Gold Address Book. Never lose track of the people you email! AOL Mail lets you manage your contacts so you'll always have the most accurate info for your friends. Learn what to do if you're missing Address Book contacts in Desktop Gold.

Aol Address Book

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While contacts in your AOL address book cannot be directly exported, there are ways you can copy the contacts for upload into Constant. AOL Mail stores the email addresses of people you email in its address book by default. Although each original entry includes only the contact's email address. How to copy your AOL address book to Gmail or Outlook.

For this, open any website! For this, you may start with the verification of physical connections.

Add, edit, or delete Address Book contacts in AOL Desktop Gold

Login aol. Go to fixit. Next, follow on-screen instructions to complete the AOL address book sync process.

Other than this, you may even export these AOL mail address book. Then, select your file type, such as CSV. Generally, the updates have no effect on any of your AOL address book or mails.

To change the category listing: Open your aol. The steps are quite essential as, they remove all damaged and non-repairable files from the program that may be otherwise, stopping certain AOL operations like displaying AOL contacts.

If you've already installed ePreserver, start it by clicking on the life preserver icon on your desktop:.

Click Next on the first page for ePreserver, then you will see something like this: Click the File button. When you see the Open window, click Desktop on the left, click on aol. Finally, you will be returned to ePreserver, where you can proceed normally to convert the address book to Outlook or Gmail.

This will take about five minutes. Click Contacts in the bottom left.

Click Tools. Click Export.

Click the Save button.Make sure that all contacts are selected. Visit the AOL Mail website and log in. Type a contact name or email address in the "Find Contacts" search box to search for a specific contact, then click the box beside the contact's name.

You must still have an active AOL screen name in order to use these instructions. If you want to remove an email address from your address book, delete the contact from the address book.

Updated October 05, There are many benefits of using this software and the best feature that AOL Gold has to offer is the system of address books, where one can easily save all the contacts.

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You're almost done! Open Tools menu and select Internet options.

It can easily be retrieved back by some troubleshooting steps.

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