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Free Download Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Coursebook (2nd Edition) in pdf. written by Lawrie Ryan and Roger Norris. Free download Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry written by Peter Cann and Peter Hughes in pdf. published by Hodder Education in blocwindcotssidi.cf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. zimsec chemistry syllabus.

Candidates to answer a total of four questions, not more than two on any option. Duration 2h 1h 1h 1h 2h Marks 72 48 40 40 50 Paper 5 2h 50 marks The scope of the practical test is indicated in the Practical Chemistry syllabus. The paper will be marked out of 75 and scaled to a mark out of Theory Papers Papers 1, 2 and 3 marks in total Knowledge with understanding approximately 55 marks allocated to recall and 35 marks allocated to understanding.

Handling, applying and evaluating information approximately 70 marks. The portion of marks allocated to Physical, Inorganic chemistry in Papers 1, 2 and 3 will be in the approximately ratio Whilst every effort will be made to produce questions of comparable difficulty and reasonable spread of skills, the differing natures of the various options mean that different skills will be required of candidates according to their choice of options and questions.

Practical Test Paper 5 50 marks Experimental skills and investigations. This paper is designed to test appropriate aspects of objectives C1 to C6. The practical paper may also involve some calculations based on experimental results. However, the assessment of such skills will not necessarily be confined to this particular area of practical chemistry.

A memory function may be useful but is not essential.

Calculators If calculators are to be used. State implies a concise answer. In the former instance the term usually implies that the answer should include reference to visual observations associated with the phenomena. Suggest is used in two main contexts. Describe requires candidates to state in words using diagrams where appropriate the main points of the topics.

List requires a number of points. Comment is intended as an open-ended instruction. Only a formal statement or equivalent paraphrase being required. Where a given number of points is specified. It is often used with reference either to particular phenomena or to a particular experiment.

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Candidates should appreciate that the meaning of a term must depend in part on its context. Describe and explain may be coupled in a similar way to state and explain. In other contexts. Explain may imply reasoning or some reference to theory.

The glossary has been deliberately kept brief not only with respect to the number of terms included but also to the descriptions of their meanings.

The amount of supplementary comment intended should be interpreted in the light of the indicated mark value. Predict or deduce implies that the candidate is not expected to produce the required answer by recall but by making a logical connection between other pieces of information. Such information may be wholly given in the question or may depend on answers extracted in an earlier part of the question.

Outline implies brevity.

In diagrams. Classify requires candidates to group things based on common characteristics.

Determine often implies that the quantity concerned cannot be measured directly but is obtained by calculation. In general. Compare requires candidates to provide both the similarities and differences between things or concepts.

Estimate implies a reasoned order of magnitude statement or calculation of the quantity concerned.

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Calculate is used when a numerical answer is required. Measure implies that the quantity concerned can be directly obtained from a suitable measuring instrument. Any alternations to previous published information will be communicated to registered centres. The information contained in this document may be subject to alteration in the light of changing circumstances.

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Akbar Iqbal. Zain Rehan. More From Paida Heart. Paida Heart. Why do we worship on Sunday instead of Saturday. Popular in Acid Dissociation Constant. Biopharmaceutics Classification System an Industrial Experience.

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Andika Nugraha. Learning The revision cards are introduced by their titles and keywords on a separate page.

After reading the title you should try to write down the content of the card without looking at the next page. The keywords give you hints about the content.

Write down everything you remember, even if you are not sure. Then check if your answers are correct; if not, rewrite the incorrect ones. At the beginning, when you are still unfamiliar with the cards, it might help to read them a few times first. If they contain a lot of content, you can cover the revision card with a piece of paper and slowly reveal the header and sub content.

While you uncover it try to remember what is written in the covered part, e. Do not just read the card — always cover the content! This uncovering technique is for the early stages, later you should be able to write down the whole content after just reading the header. If this is the case, move to the next card. If not, bookmark the card and memorize it repeatedly. Do at least three to four sessions per week until you know all the cards in one chapter word-perfectly.

Then move on to the next section.Unless otherwise. Less emphasis is placed on factual material whilst still giving a thorough introduction to the study of Chemistry. Sam H. Dear not blocked, locked. Suggest is used in two main contexts.

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