Are You Ready to Succeed (1) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Are You Ready to Succeed (1). View Are You Ready to from PREP at The British University in Egypt. Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies for Achieving. This book draws from the teachings of the world's greatest Masters and can thus lead you to both material success and spiritual growth. The secrets revealed.

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The premise is simple: A person's ideal life, especially their career, can be carefully conceived and crafted. Based on Dr. Rao's popular course "Creativity and. transformation will turn your life around and help you become exponentially more effective in your chosen career to Succeed? Unconventional Strategie pdf. Are You Ready to Succeed. Srikumar Rao. The Big Idea. Many people hanker for a happy and successful life, and try different avenues to lead to happiness and.

How to Use This Book a. Do the exercises in the order in which they are presented b. Really, really, really give the exercises your very best shot c. Begin keeping a journal — make an entry every day.

Srikumar Rao On Happiness – Four Exercises That Will Make You Happier

Record whatever strikes you as you read the book and do the exercises. Note your emotional tenor on a day-to-day basis — how was it before you started the book and how is it changing?

What is a mental model? First important idea in your transformation: Your life is a jumble of mental models. Many of your mental models do not serve you well. This new perspective is important in eliminating stress in your life. Remember that stress in your life is caused by your reaction to not getting what you want.

Heres the good news: You can eliminate all this stress by surrendering. The process of surrender has four steps. First, take all actions with a clear understanding of what you would like to have happen. What do you want to accomplish? Consciously wish that all outcomes be beneficial for all parties concerned. Actively and sincerely wish that there are no losers.

Recognize that your actions are simply one possible way of achieving the outcome you want. Remember that you have a limited understanding of all the forces at play and from that limited viewpoint have selected your course of action as the best.

Detach yourself from the outcome. Accept whatever outcome the Universe provides. Surrender to the Universe. Cheerfully accept whatever comes your way. Surrender is NOT passive acceptance.

It is not lying down and taking what comes. It means you recognize that you did not achieve what you set out to do, and you do this without any kind of emotional trauma. When you do this, you will become more effective when you keep your negative emotions out of the way. And you will find that you begin to accomplish what you set out to do more often than before. Page 10 of 14 e.

Exercise: The Other-centered Universe i. For one week, live in an other-centered universe. That is incredibly hard to do for lengthy periods, so I suggest that you pick two one-hour time slots each day.

During your selected times, you will do all things for the sole benefit of the person with whom you interact. Focus on what the person is saying and feeling and think only of how you can be of service to that person. Each day, deliberately and consciously, do more than one thing to make the world a little better. As you do this exercise, your attitude is important. If you help someone, do not expect gratitude from that person.

Instead, you should be grateful to that person for providing the opportunity to be of service. Finally, each day, make someones day. There are many kinds of freedom.

The ability to speak, worship and assemble without fear are just a few. There is one freedom we probably have not achieved, nor are we even pursuing. This is the freedom from the constant desire for more.

We are still prey to this ruthless feeling which ignites avarice and produces self-important ambition. Every time we imagine happiness will come from a better job, a different relationship, more money, or something else that is presently eluding us, what we are actually doing is handing over to others the power to determine our happiness and tranquility.

Do you really want to spend your whole life in the quest for something so dependent on outside circumstances that are never going to be in your control? The truth: Your happiness is not dependent on your wealth, your good health or your having loving friends and relatives. There is nothing you have to do or get in order to be happy. All you have to do is allow it to surface. Happiness is already a part of your innate nature.

If true, why our lives filled with angst and sorrow? The answer is simple: We have constructed mental models in which happiness comes as a result of our getting something money, power, spouse, fame, etc. Page 11 of 14 h. Anytime we want something and we get it, there is a brief moment of contentment, when we are not our habitual wanting self. And in that moment we experience the happiness that is always a part of us.

We are content. But the very next moment, some other desire raises its ugly head and we are off on our fruitless quest. The problem is that we do not recognize that the happiness we experience is because we are free from want.

It springs from an acceptance of the Universe as it is. It is simply our innate nature bubbling forth in the absence of our incessant demands. Exercise: List Satisfying Accomplishments i. Go over your life from your earliest memories and make a list of accomplishments that gave you satisfaction. Write down everything you can recall that was memorable.

It could be something others considered trivial such as a kindergarten teacher commenting on your crayon drawing. It might be what other considered important such as landing a prestigious job. After you have done this exercise, reflect on whether there are any patterns that pop up in the occasions you have recorded. For example, do you find what gives you satisfaction is almost always related to helping others? Or do you find that the moments you remember are when you were the center of applause?

This exercise will give you some idea of the extent to which you are dependent on others for your well-being.

If most of the incidents are memorable because of the reactions of others then you know that you are in prison even if you cannot see the bars. The Law of Self-Interest a.

Are You Ready to Succeed.pdf - Are You Ready to Succeed...

The Laws of Nature are fixed an immutable. They just are. You dont question them. You accept them and adjust your life to accommodate them. The Law of Gravity is just such a law. The Law of Self-Interest is also such a law. Are you saying that everything I do is in some sense selfish because the reason I do it is to get some level of emotional satisfaction and relief?

That is exactly what I am saying. And the knowledge of this truth is both wonderful and liberating, even if it doesnt seem like it at first. Page 12 of 14 d. Exercise: Drop Your Camera i.

Take a moment and think of three things you regret having done. The should haves and the why didnt Is?

Think of how, when you did them, you were acting in your perceived self-interest. Today, with greater maturity, you may clearly see that what you then thought was in your best interest really wasnt.

But you didnt know it then.

Blaming yourself is like blaming the Law of Gravity for letting your camera fall. You just dont do it. You just cant do it. Do this exercise for a few days and you will see that your burden of guilt lightens and then slips away.

The Universe Is a Force Multiplier a. From the Law of Increase, you learned that whatever you are truly grateful for and appreciate will increase in your life. There is a dark flip side to this. The negative emotions you broadcast anger, hate, distrust, and the like are also picked up and reflected back to you with greater force.

The Universe is a giant force multiplier, and you can learn to harness its immense power. You have been using it unconsciously and, thus, frequently unwisely. I now invite you to use it both consciously and wisely. The way you use it is by understanding how it operates and by controlling the broadcast you make that it picks up and amplifies back to you.

The appreciation and gratitude exercise you have already done is an example of this principle at work. Exercise: Make Your Job Rejuvenating i. Think about your job. Do you love it? Or hate it? If you are like most people, you have mixed feelings. Write down a list of what keeps you in your job. Be grateful for this list of reasons. Next, think of what you do. Write down those things you do during the day that are enjoyable to do, that leaves you reenergized.

Contemplate this list and be grateful for each item. Then identify one area of work where you would like to improve your skills and become more efficient. Pick Are Your Ready to Succeed? Page 13 of 14 something where your success will result in increasing the part of your work you most enjoy. For one month focus exclusively on acquiring the skill you have identified and applying it appropriately. You have to learn something that gets you out of familiar territory and increases your base and your skill set.

Carefully measure your progress. Evaluate your progress at the end of the month.

If you havent met your goal, revise your goal so that it moves you along to your ultimate goal of acquiring the new skill. Be persistent. If you persevere you will discover that your job performance has improved greatly and that you are actually enjoying it much of the time.

When you stop explicitly focusing on yourself, on what you want and what you dont have, and start focusing on how you can be of service to others, then you let loose some very powerful forces.

Your broadcast goes out, gets amplified, and comes right back to you. In fact this is the most efficient method of truly getting the happiness that you crave. Exercise: A New Take on Networking i. Pick five people you would like to get to know better. Figure out what it is about that person that resonates within you. What you admire about them. Which of their values, accomplishments, behaviors, impresses you?

Write a letter or take an action that involves each of these people. Let each person know what it is that touches you and why. Write from the heart with utter sincerity.

That is, if you think of losing your job as an opportunity, your mind will get to work on looking for evidence that this is true. Maybe you had your heard broken by someone, only to meet someone who was much more compatible for you a few months later. When we tell ourselves that something is bad, the odds grow overwhelmingly that we will experience it as such.

As an example, Dr. Rao tells the story of one of his students who had his cell phone stolen in the subway.

Initially, the student started telling himself that this was a very bad situation to be in, and he felt upset and angry. Once he stopped doing this he thought of how lucky he was that his financial circumstances were such that he could easily afford to replace his cell phone, and this made him feel immense gratitude. They simply take it as a given as if they were a civil engineer surveying the landscape through which a road is to be built.

In this view, a swamp is not a bad thing. It is merely something that has to be addressed in the construction plan.

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Think of a mouse running through a maze looking for cheese. If the mouse finds the path blocked by a wall, he simply turns around and looks for a different route. Rao advocates something which he calls extreme resiliency: every time you fall, bounce back up immediately and keep going. Rao explains that your mental chatter, or internal monologue, is your constant companion.

For many people, this mental chatter includes a lot of negative judgments, about themselves and about others. The tool which Dr. Do the following: Record your mental chatter, both positive and negative, throughout the day. Be as specific as possible. How many times do you beat yourself up during the day? Do you compare yourself unfavorably to others?

Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Are you constantly thinking critical thoughts of others? Remember to write down your positive thoughts as well. In addition, as you record your mental chatter, pay close attention to how your emotional state is tied to it.

Which thoughts make you feel sad, angry, afraid, or dissatisfied? Which thoughts make you feel confident, peaceful, or grateful?Eventually they form a huge barrier that is placed squarely in front of you on the path to an ideal life. Are you ready achieve success start achieving the success you want today now you can truly learn how succeed.

I have written a detailed review at https: Irish Lico. Notice your emotional undertones sadness, fear, frustration, dissatisfaction, etc. You will use it later. You need to protect your mind with the same ferocity as you protect your body. Note your emotional tenor on a day-to-day basis — how was it before you started the book and how is it changing? Pick one day and commit to doing all your activities deliberately and unhurriedly.

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