Get this from a library! Fisiologia do exercício: energia, nutrição e desempenho humano. [William D McArdle; Frank I Katch; Victor L Katch; Giuseppe Taranto]. Características dessa edição • Esta sétima edição começa com uma exploração das origens da Fisiologia do Exercício e termina com um exame dos Ler Mais . BIBLIOGRAFIA: Básica: MCARDLE, W.; KATCH, F. I.; KATCH, V. L. Fisiologia do Exercício. Energia, Nutrição e. Desempenho Humano. 6ª edição. Rio de.

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Fisiologia do exercício. Corporate author: Fundação Vale (Brazil) [31]. ISBN: Collation: 74 p., illus. Language: Portuguese. Bases Cientificas do Treinament Paulo Gentil pdf. pág. . (). Fisiologia do Exercício - Energia, Nutrição e Desempenho Humano. Guanabara Koogan. Veja grátis o arquivo Livro enviado para a F. I.; KATCH V.L. Fisiologia do exercício: energia, nutrição e desempenho humano.

On the other hand, despite their high cardiac output, hyperthyroid patients also have low exercise tolerance. This effect is enhanced by high catalysis of contractile proteins, as already mentioned The problem seems to lie in the lower activity of the enzymes involved in the aerobic and anaerobic glucose mechanism. Reduced mitochondrial activity also occurs, with abnormal muscle energy metabolism. This inference is supported by the fact that skeletal muscle is one of the primary targets for thyroid hormones Furthermore, studies conducted by Ramsay23 demonstrated that thyroid hormone action on skeletal muscles affects mainly type-I muscle fibers, which promote slow contractions and are most prevalent in the postural muscles recruited during prolonged effort.

Different metabolic changes, yet with similar consequences, may therefore be observed in both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid patients.

In the first case, fatigue is directly related to deficient action of thyroid hormones. In the latter, however, the cause is mainly depletion of muscle energy substrate due to high metabolic demand.

In the soleus muscle, which is composed predominantly of type I fibers and is involved in the reflex response already described, fiber recruitment is faster in the hyperthyroid state and slower in the hypothyroid state. Compared to those less fit, people with good cardiorespiratory fitness require higher-intensity exercise to reach the anaerobic threshold.

That is why athletes show higher exercise tolerance. The study performed by Kahaly et al3 showed that subjects with thyroid dysfunction have reduced workload tolerance at the anaerobic threshold, compared to euthyroid subjects. According to these authors, in hyperthyroidism this exercise intolerance is caused by mitochondria oxidative dysfunction, and in hypothyroidism, by inadequate cardiovascular support.

Foremost among them are impaired cardiac function and decreased ability to perform daily activities, because of exercise intolerance. Further studies should be stimulated to evaluate disorders secondary to thyroid function variations and their implication, as well as therapeutic options for this highly prevalent disease. Everts ME. Effects of thyroid hormones on contractility and cation transport in skeletal muscle.

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