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deste livro não implicam a manifestação de qualquer opinião por parte da UNESCO a respeito interlocutora e editora não oficial do meu livro depois da morte. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , George Kroumpouzos and others published ATLAS TEXTO DE DERMATOLOGIA OBSTÉTRICA. Publisher: 1st. Publisher: Publisher: Di Livros ditora Ltda. Cite this publication. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Dermatología: atlas, diagnóstico y tratamiento / Roberto Arenas | Incluye bibliografía e índice.

Histopathology reveals perivascular and periannexal lymphohistiocytic infiltrates in the papillary and reticular dermis and interstitial mucin deposition. Treatment is based on photoprotection, topical corticosteroids and antimalarials. We report two cases of lupus tumidus, which deserve attention for their low frequency in the literature, in addition to their relevance as a differential diagnosis among dermatologic disorders.

The most affected organ is the skin, which may be involved in isolation or accompanied by systemic manifestations. Genetic, environmental, socio-cultural and demographic differences may contribute to differing incidences as well as the clinical expression of the disease.

Figure 1 Erythematous infiltrated lesion in the thorax Figure 2 Open in a separate window Erythematous infiltrated lesion in the thorax with central clearing We performed an incisional biopsy and stained the sample with hematoxylin-eosin, colloidal iron and Ziehl-Neelsen. Pathologic study revealed a moderate predominantly perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate not affecting the blood vessels in the papillary dermis and superficial and deep reticular dermis Figure 3.

Collagen fibers were separated by mucin accumulation, which was confirmed by colloidal iron staining Figure 4. Epidermis showed atrophy of the spinous layer and numerical and volumetric reduction of interpapillary ridges. Figure 3 Hematoxylin-eosin: atrophy of the spinous layer, numeric and volumetric reduction of interpapillary ridges in the epidermis. Moderate perivascular infiltrate in the dermis Figure 4 Open in a separate window Colloidal iron stain: collagen fibers are dissociated by mucin accumulation Clinical and histopathological findings confirmed our hypothesis of lupus tumidus.

The patient responded well to treatment and we observed no new lesions.


She also mentioned the appearance of a small erythematous-infiltrated plaque about two centimeters in diameter at the left frontoparietal region fifteen days before the medical appointment. Biopsies of the skin on the left frontal region and of the left nasolabial sulcus suggested the diagnosis of lupus tumidus. Anti-nuclear antibody, anti-Ro antibody, complete blood count and complement tests were all within the normal range. The article deals with the advantages of combined comprehensive therapy rendered to patients with onychomycoses using systemic antimycotics and vitamin agent "Wolvit" over The article deals with the advantages of combined comprehensive therapy rendered to patients with onychomycoses using systemic antimycotics and vitamin agent "Wolvit" over standard therapeutic regimen determined by a comparative study of two groups.


The evaluation of therapeutic complex efficacy was carried out with reference to the results of clinical and mycologic studies. The obtained results show that the developed complex is effective, safe and allows to achieve both clinical and etiologic recovery.

Efficacy of medical grade honey in the management of canine otitis externa — a pilot study. Background — The high prevalence of antimicrobial resistance within otic pathogens has created a need for alternative therapies of otitis externa OE.

Evidence suggests that medical grade honey MGH may be effective against Evidence suggests that medical grade honey MGH may be effective against drug-resistant pathogens. We hypothesized that it would be an effective alternative to conventional treatments. Methods — Dogs were prescribed MGH 1 mL daily per ear until cure was achieved or for a maximum of 21 d.

Evaluation was based on weekly clinical scores, cytological progression and owner assessments of pruritus. Swab samples were submitted for culture and susceptibility testing. MGH was tested for biocidal activity against the bacterial isolates.

In vitro assays of the biocidal activity of MGH showed activity against all bacterial isolates, including meticillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius MRSP and other species of drug-resistant bacteria.

Conclusion and clinical importance — Medical grade honey was successful in both clinical and laboratory settings , thus demonstrating its potential of becoming an alternative treatment for canine OE. Foram se-lecionadas 18 mulheres com melasma, tratadas por 12 semanas com: Grupo A: Grupo B: Melasma is an acquired hypermelanosis of multifactorial etiology and diffi cult to treat.

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Tranexamic acid TA has been studied as an alternative therapy. To evaluate the effi cacy and safety of TA in treatment of melasma, comparing the use of localized microinjection versus topical therapy. Material and Method: Eighteen women with melasma were selected and treated for 12 weeks. Group A: Group B: Before and after treatment, the groups were compared according to the following parameters: Seventeen patients completed the study.

In group B, there was improvement in In group A self-assessment, In group B, Although the subjective clinical evaluation has demonstrated the superiority of injected treatment, in objective evaluation, both treatments were signifi cantly effective, presenting TA as a promising new therapeutic option for melasma.

Consensus in the topical treatment of acne. AbstrAct Topical acne treatment can be performed by different therapeutic groups and their combinations or associations. So, antibiotics, retinoids, peroxide benzoyl, salicylic acid, the alpha hydroxy acids, sodium sulfacetamide, azelaic acid and even cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

In the same way must be taken into account the type of predominant lesion co-medone, papules, pustules, scars , the degree of severity and inflammatory or non-inflammatory condition of the whole. Both in the moderate active phase or mild, in which is not necessary the systemic treatment, as in most severe cases of acne as an adjunct, or in later times, of maintenance, an topical therapy adequate can be of utmost importance in the evolution of the clinical frame and on the improvement of the quality life.

In this context, molecules, indications, dosage and side effects are analyzed from the point of view of scientific evidence, making a multidisciplinary consensus among dermatologists, pediatricians and general practitioners on the topical acne treatment. We aimed to Osvaldo Correia. Se describe Palabras clave: Summary Cutaneous botryomycosis is a chronic focal infection characterized by a gra-nulomatous inflammatory response to bacterial pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus in patients with an immunodeficiency condition.

We describe the case of a 66 years old woman, with a lung adenocarcinoma in treatment with erlotinib with purulent and painful nodules in legs, arms and thorax. Histopathology revealed clusters of gram-positive cocci bacteria in the deep dermis, surrounded by a mixed dense inflammatory infiltrate. A bacterial culture grew S. There was a favorable evolution with ciprofloxacin treatment for 6 weeks. Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman that makes her beautiful and happy.

The time when a tiny creature grows and develops inside the mother's body, each woman perceives with special trepidation and reverence. A storm A storm of emotions and experiences sweeps from the moment when the fact of pregnancy is confirmed by the doctor and does not let go until the very birth.


Although women are considered to be weak sex, they have a strong body. What are the hardships of bearing, giving birth and feeding a child! However, unfortunately, features of anatomy sometimes determine the adherence of women to certain However, unfortunately, features of anatomy sometimes determine the adherence of women to certain diseases, in particular inflammatory processes in the bladder, which often become chronic.

We will tell you about the common form of chronic interstitial cystitis.The combination of all the steps in the Acne No More System is the only key to lasting acne-free skin. Only then will your mind work in your favor, and you will achieve your targets. I later combined all the knowledge I learned with other holistic methods for the purpose of building the complete Acne No More System. Skin capacitance imaging of acne lesions.

As I recall, he was speaking of the miracles of holistic approaches to healing and of their powerful impact on the human body.

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