Please use a separate challan for each type of payment. 2. Please note that quoting your Permanent Account Number (PAN) is mandatory. 3. Please note that. PDF · Fillable Form. ITNS * Important: Please see notes overleaf before filling up the challan Single Copy (to be sent to the ZAO) CHALLAN Tax Applicable. fu;fer fu/kZj.k ij dj @ Tax on Regular Assessment (). Hkqxrku dk fooj.k @ DETAILS OF PAYMENTS vk;dj @ Income Tax vf/Hkkj @ Surcharge f'k{kk midj.

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Important: Please see notes overleaf before filling up the challan ITNS ( ) INCOME TAX. (OTHER THAN COMPANIES). -. Permanent Account. Challan No. /. ITNS. Tax Applicable (Tick One). () Income Tax On Companies (Corporation Tax). () Income Tax (Other Than Companies). filling up the challan. CHALLAN NO./ ITNS Single Copy (to be sent to the ZAO). Tax Applicable (Tick One)* () INCOME-TAX ON COMPANIES.

I have to deposit tax on this interest amount. Which challan form I should have to fill up?? Is it or or another one. Both of these forms requires PAN. I am completely confused this year in A. Please also describe how the fill up the Challan form suggested to me. Sir you have to pay tax you owe to the Govt. You would have to mention your PAN number as you are paying tax.

You have to pay Challan You can go through our article Paying Income Tax Online, epayment: Challan to understand how to pay. What is fact? We have raised it in our twitter account. Employer 1 April to Sept mid , not considered my rent receipts so it is not reflected in form 16 also.

Employer 2 Sept mid to March , not considered my rent my mistake, I missed the deadline and not considered to previous income from employer 1.

Now at the time of filing ITR-1 AY , I understand that I need to pay the tax after combining the both form, since it changes the tax slab. I need guidance for, 1 claiming the rent which got missed out in both form Yes you can claim HRA.

However by mistake, I paid a higher amount. Can I mention this while filing the returns and get the refund. I am a salaried individual. Which challan should I use? If , should I select radio button ? Would this be Tax on Regular Assessment? I got an outstanding demand for the AY under sectiona, i paid that now when I open the site it is showing another outstanding demand under section 2. I think this amount is the interest of that outstanding demand which was raised 5 years back.

Am I right? I need to pay CPC demand under section 2 and I am planning to pay this amount using Challan but Could you please tell me what will be the payment details mode from the following? And once I pay this amount do i need to do anything like need to file any revise return my friend was telling? I dont have any idea on this. Please help me out. I got TDRs from office as well bank on June 9.

While computing I saw some money has to be deposited through I will pay within 30th June — Is any interest claimed?

How to get this rectified? Please do it ASAP so that it is reflected by the time when you file the income tax returns. Sir While making EPayment of TDS for salaries in a month we have paid the total TDS amount in Tax column instead of breaking up the it in Tax amount and cess amount please tell me whether any problem will arise out of it.

One of my friends Advance tax payment for Asst Year is not linked to his PAN and he has been denied the credit for Advance tax paid. In the Challan enquiry status in TAx Network.. Ask him to be patient and have hope. A friend of ours is also in the same boat. Income tax department will send a notice saying that is so much outstanding due and meet the Assessing Officer. If there is refund then it will say that it is adjusting refund against Outstanding due.

You can refuse it and If you can meet the Assessing officer or send your CA to meet Assessing officer within the time limit given in notice. They will ask you to submit the hard copy of related documents.

Get acknowledgement and wait. Y and i have paid my self assessment tax but forget to enter detail income tax return now the return show tax payble what should i do.

Typically when one makes the mistake in filing return one can revise it. Original return is filed under section 1. If a return is filed after the due date,called belated return, then it cannot be revised. Our article Understanding Form 26AS explains it in detail. Keep the record of the Self Assessment Tax paid. As you have paid your tax hopefully Income tax department will use it in assessing your returns.

I changed job in December. My earlier employer had deducted X amount as Income tax, My new employer did not consider my earnings till December and hence on earnings from December to March they deducted an amount Y as income tax.

Now I realized that I have paid less tax than what I should have paid. Since it is already March 26th today, can I still pay advance income tax thru Challan ? Or should I be following a different way? Please suggest. Virendra it happens to most of people who change job. Our article Changing Jobs: As you have realised that you need to pay tax which you were supposed to pay you can pay now with small penalty or later with bigger penalty.

If you owe more than Rs. Under Section C, there are three components. This is explained in detail in our article Advance Tax: Check it out here.

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Sir, I have filed my income tax return for the year before paying tax through online challan and now I have paid the same, but how should i enter the challan detail in my itr-v or is there any other way to intimate income tax office. One should pay self-assessment tax before filing the returns. If you have filed your return before 5-Aug then you can revise your return. Tax CounterFoil generated also indicate AY Now we need to correct the same to AY , kindly inform how it can be corrected.

Also we have uploaded ITR1 next day after making online payment. Kindly advise in the matter. The procedure has been explained in our article How to Correct Challan Hope it helps. Do let us know how was the experience. Dear Sir, Thanks for information. As per suggestion we have drafted request letter to AO for required correction. Once submitted and needful being done we will update our experience.

Thanking you. Regards, Bhavesh. My sister had also sent her acknowledgement by speed post on the next day. She has received the confirmation of receipt of acknowledgement from Income Tax 10 days back. How do I check whether my acknowledgement has been received. From our article After e-filing ITR: Hi kirti, hOw can I reprint the callan ? Atul your tax paid would be reflected in Form 26AS so if three days are over after paying the tax check your Form 26AS.

My wife is doing home based work from internet — how she pay the tax and which details needed to fill the IT returns? For online tax pay which is the right option i. Is her salary above 2 lakhs only then she MUST file her tax returns. How is she paid,does her employer give her FORM 16 or she earns project wise in which her income is as Income from business and she would need to file ITR4. Challan explains with detail and pictures.

Yes, her salary is above 2 lacks 2,09, She is not employee of any firm she is doing her work individually at home. She is earning by IT related works i.

A person earning on his own is considered a Sole Proprietor and needs to file income tax returns using the ITR-4 return form.

Letslearnaccounting Taxation for Business or Profession are covers it in detail From what little I know please please get it verified as her income is from business she can claim expenses ex: Courier, internet charges, electricity charges, client meeting, assistant and hence have her income below exemption limit. So her income can be shown to be less than 2 lakh and hence she does not need to file the returns.

Thanks for detailed information. Right Chirag!

She then needs to pay it by filling Self Assessment Tax using Challan If she can bring down her income after taking care of expenses she does not need to pay any Tax then no Challan Thanks for a very informative post.

My query is while filing Challan for self assessment tax, I need to put the breakup of tax, cess, interest etc. From the ITR1 xls, I get the total tax payable amount which includes all the above. How do I calculate the breakup? Then accordingly, the field Education Cess should come after Interest instead of before it! You need to break up the tax payable into its components, i. For Self Assessment Tax: For example: So if total tax payable Rs.

I have updated the article with the picture on how to fill. Thanks for your query, I would have not done it otherwise! I have a question related to Tax Liability. The first name is in the name of my sister. Who has to pay tax on the interest income from the MIS.

My sister or mother. Is it not that tax liability for this interest income gets divided between them. Say total tax from the interest income comes out to be Rs Then my sister would have to pay Rs and mother Rs This person is the main user of the account and is responsible for the account. The primary account holder can add secondary account holders who also are authorized to perform transactions according to some rules.

Usually its a practice to show it in the name of the person who is the primary holder of the account So your sister would be liable to pay tax on it.

If both individuals are liable to pay taxes on their individual incomes, they should opt for opening two separate joint accounts and, thereby, maintaining clarity in their sources of funds. What is the last date of paying this Income Tax.

Is it July 31 for Assessment Year or has the date passed and I have to pay interest on tax now? Short ans: For salaried persons tax deduction at source TDS , takes care of the tax payments for salary. But there can be other kind of income like interest on saving bank account, fixed deposits deposits, bonds, rental income or capital gains. If tax on income is more than 10, Rs in a financial year, Income Tax Department expects you to estimate your income and pay Advance Tax.

Advance tax has to be paid in instalments in September, December and March. Details of Advance Tax are covered in our article Advance Tax: Details-What, How, Why. When you fill in the tax details and Compute the income. If after computation you find that tax is payable, this would be Self Assessment Tax. I cannot the Chellan no section in the IT returns.

I have submitted through E Filing. Please clarify me. We are not sure but Please check with your CA or Assessing officer. From List of Major and Minor account it seems it should be Penalties This minor head will be divided into following sub-heads: Penalties under Section 1 c of lncome Tax Act, Penalties other than under Section 1 c of Income Tax Act, I am the first account holder. Will the income generated from the MIS scheme be taxable in my name only as I am the first account holder.

Will my mother also be liable for tax payment on the interest income generated from this scheme in full or partially. I have one more query. I forgot to show Medical Insurance in 80 D as deduction during investment and savings declaration to my company. Can I now show it as deduction while filing income tax returns. Income from any joint account is taxable only for the first account holder.

So your mother is not liable to pay any tax on it. You need to enter the details in appropriate section in your case in 80D whether deduction is taken care by employer or not. If not taken care by employer then your tax liability will reduce.

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I came to know under Section 80TTA you are eligible for tax deduction on interest in savings account not FD to the amount of Rs 10, Is that correct. If yes, do I have to add up interests in my saving bank accounts and check whether it exceeds 10, or is this deduction applicable per bank account.

Before 1st Apr it was taxed based on your income slabs. This is applicable from the assessment year Financial Year and subsequent assessment years. As always you are doing a great job to educate people on these matters.. Another very useful post on Tax….


Could you tell us how a salaried person with no other income can file tax returns online? If you have already written about it please give me the link. Sir we are also learning as we write. Yes we have written articles on how to fill ITR. In this article we shall explain for an individual […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents. Comments Very useful info. Thanks for sharing.

As you have filled in challan details in ITR nothing more has to be done. Why do you want to cancel your payment? Which bank are you using for Advance payment? Hello, i have two quries 1. Which challan to be filled to pay tax for Other income i. As a website developer I believe the content here is truly fabulous, regards. Paid Amt Actual to be paid Excess amt: I am also facing the same issue. Thanks, omprakash. Hi, First of all very big thank you for the article.

But I paid this due tax with option Self Assessment tax using challan on 01 Aug Please provide me your suggestion on this. Should I made Challan and paid it online, or leave it to next financial year. Thanks, Balaji. Things are not lost. You can reprint the challan. Please go through the link on Axis Bank. Thanks a lot! It really helped and i could complete by return submission. Hi, I paid my tax through net banking using challan Please everify the return.

Wat should i do now???? Show both the entries in TDS section and ask for extra tax to be refunded. Thank you so much for your help!! Good to know it helped. Thanks a lot for dropping the comment.

Assessment Year As challan will display option to pay tax for previous years as well one need to be careful when selecting the assessment year. Note : Assessment year means the year next to the financial year. Ex : if you want to pay tax for financial year , then you have to select A. Y as Mode of Payment There are two options available for payment of tax through. You have to select the particular bank from the drop down.

Know more. How to Pay Tax in online with challan What is Challan ? We will see both of them How to pay income tax offline at bank?

How to pay income tax online? Step 1: Step 2: Fill details on the Challan form Once you click on the challan link, you will be directed to the page which will ask you various details. Choose the bank name from where you are going to make the payment and finally click on proceed button which will take you to next page for confirmation of all the details entered by you Step 3: Verify Details and proceed for payment On the next page, you will be asked to verify all the details you had filled.

Step 4: Enter your login details for the bank On the next page, you need to enter your bank username and password, so that you can make the payment finally.

Step 5: Fill the Income tax payable and make payment The next step is to enter the income tax amount and other details as applicable and then finally hit the payment button. Step 6: Download the PDF receipt and also get it in your email Once you make the payment, it will give you an option to download the challan receipt in PDF format.Receipt has details of person paying the tax, amount, type of payment etc and Challan Identification Number CIN as shown in the receipt of e-payment of Income Tax below.

Thanks, Gagan. I had worked in the company: Please note that quoting false PAN may attract a penalty of Rs.

TDS Challan Correction Procedure – Offline , Online in Traces

Dear Sir, You will be required to pay the tax amount on the same. You can also call the CPC call centre number from 9am to 8pm to enquire about the status of e-filing. As a website developer I believe the content here is truly fabulous, regards. Details will appear in Form26AS after 3 days of payment. Shame on govt employees for providing such a shoddy platform for taxpayers.

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