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Steve Berry - [Cotton Malone 11] - The 14th Colony (epub) - dokument [*.epub] Begin Reading Table of Contents About the Author Copyright Page Thank you for . CAMERA DE CHIHLIMBAR-STEVE BERRY 1 (1).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Cotton Malone 3 Steve Berry (FREE) Cotton Malone Series Book 3 Malone, #3 ) by Steve Berry PDF Download The Venetian Betrayal A.

They make me think about things I often take for granted. There is a fourth, a just-released novel called Labyrinth that I think I'll be checking out within the next few weeks. Apparently I can't get enough! I am certainly no biblical scholar but the book seemed to be well researched and real world mysteries are dealt with in a plausible way. I do wish, though, that readers who are offended by anything that challenges their religious views would just avoid those novels in the first place rather than read them and then trash the book's viewpoint.

I enjoyed lea This is the first of the Cotton Malone series. I enjoyed learning much more about the Templars and how they evolved through history. I also liked the settings in Copenhagen and France, and having been to most of the locales described in the novel, found myself transported back to those places. The plot was intriguing and while I thought the overall mystery to be sufficiently compelling and well paced, I felt the dialogue was a bit stilted.

I've noticed this with other Steve Berry novels as well. The one thing that I appreciated the most was that Cotton Malone, our protagonist, served as a great foil for the reader.

Just when I felt like saying, "That doesn't make sense," Cotton says, "That doesn't make sense. So, yes, I will definitely be reading more of the Cotton Malone series. I'm sure my fascination with the history of Knights Templar was a weighing factor in my rating of the book. Nevertheless, Steve Berry has done a good job in mixing history with an interesting story line. The story was quick paced with full of action. The employment of diverse characters made it all the more interesting.

I liked most of them, especially the Seneschal, Mark Nelly. But Cotton Malone was anot This is the first book of the Cotton Malone series, and thus far, the best one I have read. But Cotton Malone was another story.


His lack of authority and inaction made me irritable at times. Berry was thinking in using such a lousy character as his lead. I'm only too glad that his character didn't diminish my interest in the book. He opened the album and examined the photos. A lifetime of sexual fantasies stared back at him. An Italian goddess. A young Sophia Loren. A Japanese geisha. No doubt skilled. A stunning black vision. He examined the entire album twice and made his choice. A crisp breeze rustled the lapels of his tweed jacket.

The open space felt wonderful. He squinted out at the lush green valley rising to snowcapped peaks all around them.

Download PDF sample. So both men knew why they were there. I want to end the Yalta agreement. That was an illegitimate concept. A great mistake. I have always believed the Yalta lines should be dissolved.

Yalta happened in February Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill met for the last time, deciding how a postwar Europe would both look and be governed. Boundary lines were drawn, some quite arbitrary, others deliberate as appeasement to the Soviets. Part of those concessions entailed an agreement that Poland remain under the sphere of the USSR, with Stalin pledging to hold free elections.

Of course, that never happened and the communists had ruled there ever since. We fought and died in that war, yet it mattered not to anyone. We have suffered brutality for forty years, starting with the Nazis, then the Soviets.

Now over nine million Poles were members, one-third of the entire workforce. A scrappy electrician named Lech Walesa served as its head.


The movement had acquired power, force, and appeal. So much that last December the Polish government had imposed martial law to quell it. The government has overestimated its reach. His special envoy had urged him to broach the subject, thinking that the Vatican would be receptive. A grin came to the pope's lips. Let them be. All they are doing is alienating the people.

So why stop it?

Let it grow. Every word in opposition the government speaks just makes the movement stronger. All Solidarity needs is money to keep it alive, and the United States is prepared to supply that. That was far more than Reagan's people had been willing to do. The State Department strongly disagreed with the tactic, saying the Polish regime was stable, solid, and popular.

But they were wrong. He said, "Pressure is building every day from within, and the Soviets have no idea how to deal with that. Communism is not equipped to handle dissent, short of dishing out terror and violence. The only morality Moscow recognizes is what will further its own cause. Communists reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime. To lie. To cheat.

To do anything they want. No political system like that has ever survived.


It's inevitable their system will collapse. Communism is evil. It prevents people from being free. Never had a pope and a president conspired in this way, and never could either of them admit it had happened. The church openly forbade itself from interfering in politics. Recently the world had seen evidence of that when John Paul scolded a priest for resisting a papal order to resign a government position.

But that did not mean the church was oblivious to oppression. Especially when it hit so close. Which was more proof that God was clearly at work here. At this precise moment in human history the storm seemed centered on Poland. For the first time in years a non-Italian, a Pole, occupied the chair of St. And nearly 90 percent of all Poles were Catholic. A screenwriter could not have imagined it better. The Soviet Union was about to be gripped by a great revolutionary crisis.

He could feel it coming. That nation was not immune to revolt, and Poland was the pivot that could send everything over the edge.

Cliche as hell, but right on target. As with dominoes, one country falls-they all fall. Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and all of the other Soviet satellites. The entire Eastern Bloc. One by one they would drop away. So why not provide a push? The answer is easy. It's someone who reads Marx and Lenin.

But how do you tell an anti-communist? But it was true.

I thought the time had come for that. So I must ask, what of the cruise missiles that you wish to deploy in Europe? At present, you are presiding over an unprecedented rearming of America, spending many billions of dollars. This concerns me. We must rid this planet of the scourge of both. My goal is peace and disarmament. But to accomplish that I have to use what's at my immediate command.

Yes, we are rearming. We are spending billions.

Steve Berry

The Soviets will have no choice but to match us, spending that much and more. The difference is we can sustain that spending and they can't. When the United States spends money on government projects, those funds make their way back into our economy through wages paid and profits made.

When the Soviets spend, it's just a drain on their treasury. There's no free market. The money simply goes out and doesn't return.He squinted out at the lush green valley rising to snowcapped peaks all around them. Doar pe tine te voiau. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. III i. Omul se opri din lucru. Peace must always be our goal.


The Soviet Union stockpiled 32, How Nonprofits and Businesses by James E. I thought the time had come for that. So, historically, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle of what is said by all the documents.

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