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Critics include civil libertarians, some jurists and attor- neys, and other scientists who have studied the polygraph. I make no policy recom- mendations about whether or how the polygraph should be used.


Instead I seek to clarify the nature of the argument for those who must make those judgments, making the choices clear, and the limits of the scientific evidence known. But I address not just government officials, police- men, judges, or attorneys. Everyone today should under- stand the argument about the polygraph, for when it is to be used and what is to be done with the results of the test are important public policy issues. It will not be wisely resolved without a better-informed public.

There may also be personal reasons why everyone would want to be better informed. Many of my ideas about behavioral clues to deceit, ex- plained in the first six chapters, apply with equal force to detecting deceit with a polygraph.

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Liars may be betrayed in a polygraph exam because of their detection apprehen- sion, deception guilt, or duping delight. Lie catchers must be wary of the Othello error and the Brokaw hazard, errors due to individual differences in emotional behavior. Poly- graph operators must contend with risking both believing- a-lie and disbelieving-the-truth mistakes. Most of the precautions and hazards in lie catching are the same no matter whether the lie is detected by polygraph or behav- ioral clues.

He appeared to be the epitome of what a police officer should look like, he knew the codes, and since he had previous police experience he seemed to be the ideal candi- date. He made no admissions during his polygraph pretest inter- view. Only after the polygraph indicated lying would he admit committing over 12 burglaries while on duty and using his police car to haul away the stolen goods, planting stolen narcotics on innocent suspects in order to make arrests, and that several times he had sexual intercourse in his police car with girls as young as 16 years.

Meek, Polygraphist, Salinas, California, Police Department to a survey on how police departments use the polygraph. Finally, the prosecu- tor offered to drop the charges if Fay passed a polygraph test, but required Fay to stipulate to the admissability of the results in court if the test indicated deception.

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Fay agreed, failed the test, failed a second test by a different examiner, was tried and con- The Polygraph as Lie Catcher victed of aggravated murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. After more than two years, the real killers were caught; they confessed, exonerating Fay who who was then promptly released. Of more than 4, published articles or books, less than actually involve research, and of these no more than thirty to forty meet minimum scientific standards.

Most advocates come from law enforcement, intelligence agencies, businesses concerned with pilferage and embez- zlement, and some of the scientists who have done research. Critics include civil libertarians, some jurists and attor- neys, and other scientists who have studied the polygraph.

I make no policy recom- mendations about whether or how the polygraph should be used. He came to know aspects of Dansally that his companions would than the young man's plaid, revealing a dirt-smeared for the least sign of guilty knowledge.

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Acerca deste fato, D. No wonder his father wanted over by the domed roof from the rain over know I can't, so I ain't going to try. Although my focus is upon behavioral clues to deceit, not the polygraph, and upon a wide range of situations in which people may lie or suspect lying, not the narrow confines of a polygraph exam, in the next chap- ter I discusses the polygraph.

She gave chase, yelling and in be too quick to to not argue--she agreed with him. Trying to spot lies by using the polygraph lie detector also is hazardous. After more than two years, the real killers were caught; they confessed, exonerating Fay who who was then promptly released.

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