Also, Bloodbound is one of few power metal bands, and really amazing one. ' Book of the Dead' is actually more of an anthemic piece of metal more suited for. Book of the Dead is the second album by metal band Bloodbound. It is the first with Pelle Åkerlind on drums, and the only one to feature the German vocalist. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead at Discogs. Complete your Bloodbound collection.

Bloodbound Book Of The Dead

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Digipak CD release of Book Of The Dead on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Book Of The Dead on Discogs. Bloodbound - Book of the Dead - Music.

Last Ah, Bloodbound, one of the most unoriginal-sounding, Maiden-worshipping power metal bands to form in the past 10 years. Yes, their debut Nosferatu was a pretty damn good album for what it was and proved to the world that this band can indeed play with the big boys of the Swedish power metal scene such as Hammerfall and Nocturnal Rites.

On their second album, Book of the Dead, things have changed as Urban Breed has left the band and been replaced by Michael Bormann. To lose a quality vocalist like Urban Breed sounds devastating on paper for a band in such an early stage of development so naturally it come like a total surprise that Michael Bormann proves to be a worthy replacement.

Imagine a whiskey-abusing version of the guy in Axel Rudi Pell and you have as good a comparison as I could think of. The lead guitar work on these two is essentially what sets Bloodbound a part from other bands as the melodies are simply amazing.

These are two outstanding songs, impossible to ignore, which makes the rest of the album an even greater disappointment, since the other songs range from being only merely OK to downright awful. The guitars are still good here and the vocal melodies still have some manliness to them.


And now, for some inexplicit reason the band decides to drop the guitars out of the mix and focus more on vocal melodies like some pop band. Mind you, the guitars are still there, but the riffs and melodies are far too unexciting and Maiden-worshipping to warrant any attention and completely overshadowed by the vocal melodies.

Anyway, Urban Breed isn't a member of this band anymore, and he's been replaced at the helm by Michael Bormann, who sounds exactly like Johnny Gioeli from Axel Rudi Pell, but he does a remarkable job here.

The music is pretty aggressive for power metal, reminding me of the heavier sides of Nocturnal Rites, Cryonic Temple, and Hammerfall all Swedish as well combined with a darker heavy metallish edge. But this is better than the three aforementioned bands by far, trust me.

There are some really killer cuts here, from the awesomely satanic "Sign of the Devil" to the anthemic and heavy title track, the speed metal assault of "Bless the Unholy", and the aggressive and powerful "Black Shadows.

The closer "Seven Angels" is the longest one here, and it's got this cool, galloping Maidenish riff that runs through the whole song.


Very well done. This band does their choruses extremely well, with several tracks having these monstrous anthemic choruses that sound pretty dark and evil for power metal, too.

And their riffs and solos are all clear and very well executed, the band has a great set of axemen! There are a few filler-ish cuts here, but they're still delightful slices of the same dark power metal that the band perfected on the other tracks here.

Not every band can make an album of stellar cuts anyway.

Its a punch in the face right from the start, and one that announces a great album. Michael's vocals are a worthy replacement and while it gives the band a different sound than they had on their debut album Nosferatu, their sheer power add a new dimension to the songs.

Bloodbound craves songs that talk about forces of the night vampires, demons, hell, Bloodbound guitars are, for the lack of a better word : majestic!

From the heavy riffing, to the ultra-melodic intros and solos, their crying sound will please every fan of melodic metal. As it was the case with their debut album, Book Of The Dead contains no filler tracks. The use of choirs to make the choruses so bombastic is just perfect, and while this album is a tad less heavy than the last one.That's because these songs have unbelievable and memorable refrains, excellent lead guitar work, amazing drum rhythms, which have deadly combination with these orgasmic lead guitars.

A big part of this is manifest in vocalist Michael Bormann, who has a far more gravely and rough edged shouting character to his vocals that is reminiscent of Axel Rudi Pell's current shouter Johnny Gioeli, and at times like a lower version of Udo Dirkschneider.

But this bomb is more awesome, and much more mind-blowing. There are a few filler-ish cuts here, but they're still delightful slices of the same dark power metal that the band perfected on the other tracks here.

Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead review.

Last one on Wed May 23, This is similar to what Nocturnal Rites and Freedom Call as well as a few other bands have done on their new albums — an attempt to become more radio friendly and sell some more records for sure read: Turn To Stone Lyrics.

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