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Finding My Forever book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Everywhere I look, my friends are settling down - marriage, chi. book cover. My Kind of Forever (The Beaumont Series Book 5) · Heidi McLaughlin. Save to List. book cover. Finding My Forever (The Beaumont Series Book 3). Kaelyn and Chase never expected to see each other again, but months later, Kaelyn's eyes find Chase's across the sports bar. This time.

Jimmy had grown up in the music industry and came from a long line of men who refused to be tied down. He was also a little different than Liam or Harrison because he didn't really live in Beaumont. He was in the band but he wasn't quite part of the family in the same way they were. But her ex caught up with her at the same time as she got unexpected news that could change her life forever.

Luckily though, she was a part of the family in many ways, and her friends weren't going to let anything happen to her. You're important to me… to us. Please let us help. While I was reading it, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about some of the developments. But then the more I thought about it, I realized that life rarely hands you a perfect cards and their situation was far from picture perfect but it was what they had and looking back on it, I can understand the way they handled it.

At the crux of it all, we had a man who'd sworn to never again commit and a woman who'd suffered the worst at the hands of a man and whose faith in them had been broken.

Everywhere I look, my friends are settling down - marriage, children, white picket fences; but not me.

Marriage isn't in the cards for me. A rock star. I was born and raised in the industry. I love everything about my life, especially the attention from the women that my status brings me.

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Women find me. But after one look, one touch, one night I need to find a way to show her that I can love her fully, and only her. Please note that while each book in this series is a standalone about a different couple, the series will be far better appreciated if you read these books in order see bottom of post.

The connection between the characters builds from one book to the next as do their relationships and histories. I slowly turned around with my hands up in the air to stare down the barrel of a shotgun.

It was that moment when everything changed for me. The six years I had been gone didn't matter anymore. I find it comforting, much like when Ryley, Evan's fiancee, promises that everything is going to be okay and reminds me that I have to have faith.

For the past six months, I have been living where I can. Being dead for six years and suddenly coming back to life-or returning from your unclassified mission-makes it hard to acclimatize yourself back into the community.

With no driver's license, birth certificate, or any proof of who I am, it's hard to find a place to live. One would think that the United States Navy would provide me with a place to stay on base, but that hasn't been the case.

In fact, as far as they're concerned, I don't exist. I've worked too hard to obtain that title and I'm not about to let it go because Admiral Jonah Ingram is a corrupt bastard. Marley holds her hand up, asking to continue. I nod, and slink back in the chair as if my teacher has reprimanded me for talking out of turn. What makes you think this isn't a parental kidnapping?

Ever since my return the littlest things set me off and I often find myself blowing up. I know, deep down, these are questions that have to be asked, but I hate them nonetheless.

I also know my story is unbelievable, especially considering the lack of media attention surrounding it. It was only after Senator Lawson and Admiral Ingram were arrested, that the team became primetime news, but the story never went national. As far as the team was concerned, it was too late to make up for the lack of coverage when we all came home. What made it all worse was the one man who tried to bring attention to our return was found dead.

Someone has been making sure this story stays buried. My Team was deployed, and when I came home, she was gone.

Finding Forever by Taryn Elliott

Not just gone, someone else was living in our house. I've seen it before. No one believes me and the burden of proof falls on me. Six months ago, we returned home. She sits back in her chair, with her pen between her fingers, tapping it on her pad of paper. The way she says it makes me think she's pitching the next Tom Clancy movie.

I'm not willing to elaborate, either.

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Regardless of how I feel, I'm a SEAL through and through, and no one is going to get classified information out of me. Right ,,," Trailing off, Marley looks as if she's pondering whether I'm telling the truth.

It's my new automatic response to the repeated same question. But she did so without saying good-bye to everyone.

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If she does ,,, well, that just makes the bullet I plan to put between her eyes even sweeter. I don't care if River was our team's leader; his wife is a traitor and is responsible for everything that has happened to them.

She'll pay. Penny and I met in a bar. She was in San Diego on vacation. To say we hit it off would be an understatement.

When she left I thought I wouldn't see her again, but she proved me wrong immediately. As soon as she made it to her first layover, she turned right around and came back to California. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, but had no idea she felt the same way until she came back.

We married quickly because there wasn't a reason to wait.

Finding My Forever by Shevawn Michelle

Penny told me she was pregnant a few months into our marriage and our daughter, Claire, was born. She's nine-years old. I take out the last picture I received from Penny, well Frannie, and its Claire's second grade photo.

Marley isn't the first person to ask if Claire is mine, but all it takes is for the person asking to take a look at Claire and see she looks just like me. Placing the photo on Marley's desk, I slide it toward her. Taking the photo back I look at Claire and silently tell her that I'm coming for her. Our team leader's wife knew we were alive and kept sending us care packages so we wouldn't know something was up.

Thing is, her Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Zaloguj Anuluj.The one about her present no one knows. Enlarge cover.

Book Details. After I set my bag down on the coffee table, I went to the wall to look at the pictures Penny had hung up, only to find that I didn't remember any of the people in the photos. Everywhere I look, my friends are settling down - marriage, children, white picket fences; but not me. After realizing his feelings for Julia, some of the things Jimmy said and did were so beyond sweet that they left me swooning don't worry Harrison I still love you the best. So we have a limit on the number of downloads.

Will their past issues keep them from a happy future? His character develops greatly throughout this entire book.

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