When preparing raw food it's important to be hygienic and store your edibles safely. Using a big tablespoon, By eati Face2face Elementary Students Book. pdf. Documents Similar To Face2Face Starter Student's Book. Face2face Elementary Students blocwindcotssidi.cf Face 2 Face; Elementary Student's Book; Chris Redstone & Gillie Cunningham. Learning English Face2 face starter student's book. with cD-RoM/ Audio CD StarterStudent'sBook tti*- CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, face2face Elementary student's book 2nd edition.

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Cambridge Face2Face first and second Edition Download for free Full set All levels: Starter, формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-Exe, DVD Face2Face 2d Edition Starter Student's book ISBN: ; Face2Face 2d Edition Starter. (PDF + CDs) ♥ ♥ ♥ % The Library of Prof. Mahmoud Azab حمل Audios blocwindcotssidi.cf?oid=&p=Face2Face. Starter. PDF Student's Book . Cambridge University Press face2face Starter Student's Book: UK Adult ESOL Map PhOtOcOPiABLE. 2. PAGE. EXERciSE/ActiVitY. SKiLL cODE. SKiLL. 7.

Taketurnsto saya country. Yourpartnersaysthe nationalityanda personorthingof thatnationality: Photosoffriends country job Jobs. He'sa doctor. Listen and match these names to photos l-4 on Amys computer. Claire Steve Daniela Karl c Listen again.

Complete the table. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the people in photos Daniela ul Match thesejobs to picturesa -i. Ask questionsabout the people in picturesa -i. He'sa waiter. She'sa waitress. Karl a musician?

Swih Grammar.: U in the gapswith am,are,is or isnt. Yes,he is. KeiraKnightleya musician? TomCruisean actor? Ask and answer the questions. Use the correct short answers. Work in new pairs. StudentA StudentB p I Yes,t am. Taketurnsto mimeyourjobstoyour partner.

A You'readoctor. Complete the conversationswith thesephrases. Which three phrases meanHello?

Face2Face Starter - A1 (WorkBook CD-ROM from Student's Book Face2face Starter Class Audio CD Set

Which phrase meansGoodbye? Listenagain and practise. H"; ;;t totmail. Write the emailaddresses. Listen to the interview: Roacl filffil p1o3 frff in the gapswith are or. What lf your first name,please? Q W Si Listenandpracri. Interview your partner and fill rn the lorm b Check your partner's form.

Is it correct? Sayyour numbers. Write your partner'snumbers. O tl Lookat thephoto. Matchthesewordsto I Fill in the gapswith the correct number. Look againat the photo. Ask questionswith How old Vocabularynumbers Rea[World Howold? Helpwith Listeningnumbers with -teenand-ty Reviewnumbers O ul Match thesewords to the numbers. Hrih Sounds O.

Look at the pictures. Listen againand practise. Listen to these words. Notice how we. Ross - his first name,: Ask and answerthe questions. I'm American. Ask and answerthe questionsin 6a. Answer for you. Saya number Your partner saysthe next two numbers. I cansaynationalities. I cantalkaboutjobs. I canaskforandgivepersonal information name,address,etc.

I cansayandunderstandnumbers I cantalkabouthowoldpeopleare. Countfrom 1to in threes: A one. A seyen. Thencountfrom1 to infours: A nine. Vocabularyadjectives 1 ;word orderwith adjectives;very Grammarbe plural: It'sa very old computer.

Where are Sally and Dan? Hi Fionaand Nick Howareyou?

We'rein Moscow! Therestaurantsaregoodand theyaren'tveryexpensive.

We'rein a newhotelnearRedSquare. We aren'tin the hotel now,we'rein an Internetcaf6.

Arevouin London? Yourwatch is nict. It a utv car. They'renod friends. Then read the rule. Changethe adjectivesin the Wherearethey? Thev verv bis. Underline the contractions aren't, we're, etc. C Listen again. Notice the contractions.

Thev verv exnensive. Yoltis singular and plural: Choosethe correct answers. Where are Fiona and Nick? Are they in a small hotel? Are the rooms nice? Are thev in iin a smallhote[? IN vou? Choosethe correct words. HiSallyandDan Thanksforyouremail.

LoveFionaandNick Work in pairs. StudentB pg4. Taketurnsto sayanadjectivefromyour list. Yourpartnersaysthe oppositeadjective: A new. Thensayone thingfor eachadjective: A Anewcar. Ourfamily Vocabularyfamily Grammarpossessive's;sub: I at the photo of the Cooper family. Keadand lrsten.

Iwomen cnoore the correctwords. We use a name Niclc,etc. Fiona is Nich wife. It my sister car. She'snry sister: Heke sentencesabout thesepeople. Then complete the table with the words in blue and pink. I'm Mary and this is Sid,my husband. Her husband'snameis Nick andhe'sa doctor.

Thesearetheir two children- our grandchildren. Itb a very nicephoto,I think. We usesubjectpronounswith verbs I'm,you listen, theyread,etc. I pI05 ': Sid and Mary are lierin and Anne'sgrandparents. Then complete the table with thesewords. Put thesepeople in the order she talks about them t Answer thesequestions. O Write the namesof people in your family. Tell your partner abour the people in your tamily. Ask questions about the people in your partner's family.

Howold is he? What'shis He'sa manager. Eat in or take away? Askquestionsif possibte: A Myfriend'snameis Liliana. O ul Matchpricesl-6 to a -f. Listen againandpractise. Write theprices.

A cheeseandtomatosandwich. Say Eiff in the gapswith is or are. Match the food and drink to photos I Look againat photos I-I0. Testyour parrner. How muchisanesoresso anda croissant? Listento two customers. How muchdoeseachcustomerspend? Look again at the price list.

Choosefood and drink. Ask your partner the price. Lisren andpracrisethe questronsrn4. Fill in the gapswith thesewords. Eatin or take OK,that's f s. Practisethe conversationin g. Take turns to be the customer. Take turns to order lood and drink. Yes, acroissant ,'.. Thankyou s. Thanksa [ot. O sugar rice lot of coffee.

Compare sentences. O ul Work in pairs. Look at the photo. Match thesewords to Rememberthe food and drink. Sayall the food and drink in the photo. Uatch sentences14 to picturesA-D. B z I lovechocolate. Choosethe corretr words. Ib withSounds Look at the pictures. Listen to these words Notice how we say the pinli and vowels.

Ask and answerthe questionsin 2b. Look at this family. Then fill in the gapswith the correct family word. Does 3 mean is or the possessive? E Where'sColin from? Look at the vowels in bold. Which vowel sound is different? Anything else? Practise the conversation. I canuseadjectivesandvery. I canunderstandasimpleemail. I cantalkaboutfamilies. I cantalkaboutmoneyandprices. I canunderstandasimplepricelist. I candownloadfoodanddrinkina caf6. I cantalkaboutfoodanddrinkI like.

Saywhichthingsyou likeonyourpartner's[ist: Who are Cecilia, Carlos and Diego? Weliveina veryniceflatinthecentreof thecity. I workfora carcompany,butI don'thavea newcar.

Mycarisnine yearsold! Wehavetwosons,CarlosandDiego,butwe don'thavea daughter. CarlosandDiegostudyEngtish atschool- they'reverygood. Theylikefootball,rock musicandChinesefood,butthevdon'tlikehomeworkl ltf ir I lrr r[I Make the other sentences negative. I don't live in the centre of the city. How many are the same? Write three true sentencesand three false sentencesabout you. Use phrasesfrom la or your own ideas.

I don't likeChinesefood. I livein a verysmallflat. I workin a caf6. Sayyour sentences.

Are your partner's sentencestrue or false? I don'tlikeChinesefood. LifeinAustralia O "l Readabout Sandra. They are in the PresentSimple. I rvorkfor a carcompany. Theylike football.

Notice the word order. Write these sentences in the table. We clon't have a daughter. They don't like homework. I live Aretheythe same? A I liveinasmallflat. Freetimeactivities Vocabutaryfreetimeactivities GrammarPresentSimple l,ya- a fhey: Readand listen to the interview with Mike and Kim Black Find three things they do in their free rime. HelpwithGrammar live in the UK?

Norice rhe word ordr: Where do you What music do you b Write these quesrions in the table.

PresentSimple questions are the same fLlr I, you, we and they. YEsI y?

Yes,we No,we don't. El ffi Listen and pracrise. Ask and answer the questions in 5a. HelpwithListening Q ul Lllen rorhese questions. Noticehow we saydoyou. You will heareachquestiontwice. StudentA, ask the questionsin 6a. StudentB, ask the questionsin 6b. StudentB p Vocabularythingsto download; this,that,these,those RealWortdin a shoo Reviewfreetimeactivities; moneyandprices;Howmuch s threethingsyou ,ldo.

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A Doyouplaytennis? BYes,,'- rI -, lmo. Matchthesewordsto t-l iI il amagazine7 an6wspaperamap ap6stcard I a blrthdaycard a boxof ch6cotatestittrut il sweets bStteriesch6winggum il b Listenandpractise. I c Look againat the pictures. Testyour partner. A magazine. Listenandfill in the il gapswith thecorrectprices. Thenfill in thetable il with thewordsin bold. Fill in the gapswith this, that, theseor those. DovouhaveI l. How 2 , Th. I - -l rhanksa StudentA - p Write a conversationin a shop.

Uselanguagefrom la and7a. Role-play your convershtion for the other pair. What does the customer download? Then listento the conversationsandfill in thegaps. A cusroMERExcuseme. Doyouhaveany How much is this map? Chn I have this map and lhese --'-' Please? Thanks a lot. How much are thesea They're 50p each. And canI havethatbox of chocolates?

MlZ]lptoT f,! Practisethe conversationsin 6a. Taketurns to be the customer. Writea listof thingsintheshopin lesson4C.

Checkon p Whichof thesethingsdoyouhavewithyou? Out Listenand practisethe daysof the week. Monday Thursday two days. Vocabularydaysof theweek;timewords RealWorld tellingthetime;talkingabou: Match thesetimes to clocks A-D. StudentA 'l p StudentB '. Fffi MH mm o ffi ir ''. Saya day.

Your partner saysthe next Q Watchtimes l-8 to clocksa -h. Use the singular or plural. Lookat thepictures O a i: Listenro rhesewords. I url;: Notice how we say th in these sentences. Listen again and again and practise. I cantalkaboutthingsI haveand donrthave. I cansaywhereI liveandwork. I cantalkaboutthingsI doinmy freetime. I canaskpeopleabouttheirfreetime I candownloadthingsinashop.

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Face2face starter student's book. Starter student's book. Upper-Intermediate Audio. Mahmoud Azab Advanced. Advanced Audio. Jump to.

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What does the customer download? Listen again and again and practise. What do they always do together on Sundays? Shehas dinner at.

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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I b Tell the classtwo of your true sentences. Views Total views. Write three true sentencesand three false sentencesabout you.

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