Sheldon Bowles and Ken Blanchard’s Raving Fans, is. A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service By Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles Title: Raving Fans! A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service By Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles Raving blocwindcotssidi.cf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service Author: Blanchard, Kenneth. PDF Free Download | Download Free Books “A great Raving Fans Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service The raving fans.

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Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Sheldon, along with a team he would insist be given credit here, built Domo, a full-service retail gasoline business, into a customer-service legend. Raving Fans may be an easy, fun read, but the message is dead serious. Those wanting to create Raving Fans and enjoy future success will do likewise.

Thanks, Ken and Sheldon. Palpitations and Panic. He had expected to feel the responsibility of the new job resting heavily. Thinking to prove himself worthy of the new position, he had promised the President to drive for quality in his department. Total quality. Each lasting about eight months. He wondered what chance he had to hold the job. A second, louder, more persistent cough caused him to look up. At first he saw nothing. Then he realized a man was sitting on the couch.

A stranger wearing sport clothes, and beside him, a golf bag. I mean, what are you doing here? When I applied I was snapped right up. Yes, I keep forgetting about names.

Here people usually call me Charlie. The prospect of a golf game so delighted him he fairly wiggled like a puppy. As he passed through the doorway he turned around, but Charlie was no longer behind.

He did, however, hear Charlie speaking. There, sitting comfortably in what had been his locked convertible, now with the roof down, was Charlie. I took the liberty of booking a tee-off time; then I placed my clubs in the trunk and put the top down. Half in a trance, the Area Manager drove out of the garage and into the traffic. Service stinks. Nobody gives a hoot.

Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard PDF Download

Rude is in. Nowhere is it worse than at your company. Drive on! He found himself driving to his golf club as Charlie had suggested. He did it so smoothly and naturally, anyone watching would not have noticed anything out of the ordinary.

The Area Manager, however, noticed both the gesture and the slight tingle he felt on the back of his neck. When two foursomes waiting to tee off started to clap, the Area Manager looked almost embarrassed.

He had never hit a drive like that on the first hole. Charlie took three to reach the green. Both Charlie and the Area Manager two putted. While Charlie seemed happy with his one-over-par bogie, the Area Manager was ecstatic with his one-under-par birdie.

The Area Manager decided if Charlie could help him with customer service anything like he seemed to help with golf, that was great. He was willing to take help wherever he could get it. Now, back when I was starting out in the service department a satisfied customer meant something.

Not today. Today you need Raving Fans. You have to create Raving Fans to be successful. Nothing to worry about.

Service is so awful customers expect to be abused. People expect bad goods and rude service.

Just what they expected. Do a survey. Satisfied customers. Your customer service slogan should be: No Worse Than the Competition. Charlie stood up and began to reach for his driver. His drive this time was straight and long. In fact, it went farther than the Area Manager had ever seen a drive go on this hole. How do I do that? When do I learn them? He had to admit it made sense.

Good sense. Service everywhere was awful. So bad in fact he had to admit that he too was easily satisfied, his expectations were low and his standard of what was acceptable was low. A revolt waiting to happen. He could identify with that. Imagine a customer so pleased that he became a Raving Fan.

I really enjoyed that. Come on in and find out why. They were greeted by an older gentleman wearing a neatly pressed blue pinstripe suit and a warm smile. We have free coffee today in the Garden Court on the third floor and if we can be of service, please ask. Time you bought her a gift. How may I help you?

He noticed that, like all staff, she wore a red carnation and a large name tag: The Area Manager asked Linda for a copy of the book. Will you be in the store long? May I gift wrap it? The washrooms are on the second floor. The washroom was nicer than the locker room at his private club. Beside each basin was a stack of white cloth hand towels and on a shelf under the mirrors were bottles of every grooming aid imaginable.

A man wearing a white coat was polishing the mirrors. The washroom was spotless. The man who is responsible for all this. Turning a comer they came on a sight the Area Manager would never forget. In the middle of the store floor, where all the aisles converged like a town square, was a raised platform, about twenty feet across, covered with carpet. In the center of the platform sat a large executive desk. There was no doubt who sat behind the desk. A large sign proclaimed: Do sit down.

I solved that by putting it right out here in the middle of things. Best move I ever made. Opening the case, he took out a gold bracelet with a shield in the center.

The first secret is engraved on it. When Charles taught me the Raving Fans secrets I volunteered to present each new candidate with a gold bracelet. Your wrist, please. He had expected something more magical perhaps.

Systems are beautiful. But in the meantime I can tell you that the first thing you have to do is just what the shield says: Decide what you want. Varley calls it Raving Fan Service and he encourages us to use our own initiative. I used to work in another department store. It was boring work. I resented the store treating me like a stupid machine, and my bad attitude was reflected in the way I treated their customers.

Now I help people and enjoy doing it. We are all graded on our service to customers.

Raises and promotions go to those who deliver Raving Fan Service. She gets angry trying on outfits two or three pieces at a time and then having to go out of the changing room to exchange something. No one ever seems to compute the cost of offending so many customers in order to slow down one crook. Dressingroom limits are a blatant example of abusing customers.

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

Pulling into the parking lot the Area Manager noticed that huge pots filled with flowers marked each parking aisle while directly in front of his car was a valet parking booth. As he rolled to a stop by the booth an attendant in a bright kelly-green uniform opened his door. If you like fresh strawberries I recommend ours. We brought in a truckload direct from the field so they could ripen on the vine rather than in a warehouse. I had some for lunch today. They were great. A neighbor came weekly.

He remembered suggesting to his wife that the neighbor must be crazy to drive forty miles, the distance from home, just to grocery shop.

Already he was beginning to understand why she did it. A red carpet extended from the valet parking booth to the store entrance. I love fresh strawberries. The store looked like an appealing place to shop. The aisles were wide, carpeted, and brightly lit.

Do you have a list? He spotted him seated by the door having his shoes shined. The sign above read: Under that, in large bold letters was the word: So popular, in fact, Debbie was promoted from stock clerk to cashier. Of course, she was providing Raving Fan Service on the floor too. Beside Judy a printer presented his list. If you follow the yellow arrows woven into the carpet, the items you pass first are at the top of the list and so on to the end.

Next to each item is a recommended best download. As you go along the stars will alert you to good deals. The number here, on the far right, shows the grams of fat and the percentage of calories coming from that fat. The Heart Association and the Cancer Society both recommend that overall you keep fat calories to less than thirty percent of the total calories in your diet. Those that use us, though, really like it.

Our computer will then set up a customer record account for you and keep track of your downloads every time you shop here. If you wish, you can use our automated billing system. When you leave, the cashier will slide the tags into a special bar-code reader.

In a few seconds all your package goods will be totaled up. Our customers are honest. We run the random sample to ensure the equipment is working properly. The shopping was soon finished and the Area Manager found himself at the checkout stand. The computerized list had been a real help. Several times he had chosen a healthy alternative, thanks to a fat content alert, and he had picked up two other specials as well as the strawberries.

The automated checkout worked well and was fast. There were no lines at the checkout stands. As he began to push his cart to the door he heard a sudden cry of delight. Turning, he saw a lady wearing a kelly-green uniform jacket bounding toward them.

She crossed the floor in three strides and threw her arms around Charlie. Where have you been? Good to see you. Come on into the office! As he watched Sally and her brother the Area Manager was beginning to wonder what was going on. You have to need them and accept them.

And he knows he needs help. But he really is a dear. Are you ready to learn what to do with it? It tells you to imagine perfection centered on the customer. I had a huge mortgage and was headed down the bankruptcy drain. I was ashamed of my store and I knew I had to treat my customers better if I was going to succeed. Then Charlie showed up. I pictured exactly how the store would serve the customer. It took some time, but I worked it all out. I could see every detail just by closing my eyes.

I could see them arrive. I could picture the valet parking and someone to tell them about a wonderful special. I saw store advisers and computers helping people make the best choices to save money and eat a healthy diet. I saw a manager for each department always on the floor to help customers and make sure their area was perfect. I could see natural lighting in the fruit and vegetable section so people could really see what color the food was. I saw the assistance program, where young people are available to take elderly shoppers around the store to read small print on labels and lift heavier items.

I saw carpet on the floor and automatic checkout stands. Lots of checkout stands so no one had to wait in a long line. Stores making customers line up to pay the store money! It was a fantasy and it was perfect.

Every detail was so clear in my mind that I felt as if I could reach out and touch it. It was what I wanted. I was the source. I created the best grocery market, where anything is possible - in my head. That vision is always in my mind. I know exactly what perfection looks like so I know what my goal is.

Or are you off on a golf course somewhere? The Area Manager suddenly felt convinced that he had been told a secret that had obviously worked for Leo and Sally and that could work for him. Time for Sally to go back to work.

Soon their car was brought around; they loaded the bags into the backseat and headed home. I saved money too. Those sale items were a real download.

Then much more seriously. The shock of losing Charlie was worse than the shock of finding him. Fairy Godmothers are always around when you need them. He needed some time to believe himself what had happened. The next few days at the office were unusually productive. While he was a long way from painting the perfect picture, he was miles ahead of where he had been in knowing what his customer-service goal was going to be.

He also knew that he had to create Raving Fans. He knew the first secret: Next, he knew, he had to create a vision perfection centered on when the customer used the product. One morning several days later, the Area Manager answered his phone to hear a familiar voice.

My turn to drive. Sorry about that. But all play and no work makes Charlie a failed Fairy Godmother. He also knew there was no sense wondering about the second secret or of where they were going until Charlie was ready to tell him. Soon Charlie parked in front of a manufacturing plant. Inside the lobby the Area Manager discovered numerous plaques and award certificates.

They were all from customers and they all praised the plant for such things as quality or on-time delivery. Several were Supplier of the Year awards. But he was surprised to find as that Bill the manager of a huge plant for a large national company, admitted so readily to having a Fairy Godmother.

So tell me, what have you learned so far? Turn over the shield on your bracelet and read what it says. Again he was a little disappointed. The secret seemed somewhat obvious. You would have a tough time communicating!

The customer says it should have Roquefort cheese and an onion croissant for the bun. Your own vision has to fill in the gaps. Telling a customer to take his vision elsewhere struck the Area Manager as pure heresy. The point is that customer service is as much a part of your product as any screw or bolt. Yet when it comes to customer service, those who decide to really try to give good service often aim to be everything to everybody.

Did her staff help you load the groceries into your car? Where we usually shop, they do. Those services are all offered by some grocery stores but not by Sally, and yet her customers say she has better service than any other grocery store in town. If you want those services though, you have to go elsewhere. They are not part of her vision. Not by a long shot.

As he thought about it, he had to agree that those businesses he would call service leaders performed within a well defined window. So I know what my window of customer service is? It also allows you to fill in the gaps between your vision and their vision, so you have a complete picture. But first you have to discover who your customers are. Take this plant as an example. Tell me. What do you know about our business?

We manufacture metal parts that other manufacturers then incorporate into their products. For example, we make metal cases for a computer company. Now who is our customer? Tell me who at that company would be our customer? What about the engineering department that always wants to make changes in the product?

And what about the production department that has to use the cases? If life were only so simple. What about the receiver who gets the cases on his loading dock? If you ship on pallets that are difficult for his forklift to handle, guess whose shipment gets left on the loading dock? Next add on the owner of the computer company, who has his own ideas. Then there is the quality control department that delights in scratching the finish with pocket knives to see how well the paint is baked on.

They may even say one thing and mean quite another. Like the owner of the computer company who says he wants a case- with a unique look, but what he really wants is something as close as he can get to the encasement of the best-selling computer - without being taken to court. That leaves two: Demand to see the manager?

Before we even opened the boxes I knew our quality-control department would reject about eight percent. But I should have said something. Listen to him. When a customer is a Raving Fan and is enthusiastic, listen to him too. Sincere questions. If they are going to open up you have to first gain credibility. The sky had clouded over and it had started to rain.

I suggest we hurry on. It will take us a good thirty minutes to get to the golf course from here. Seems to me that could be pretty complex. It comes together bit by bit. These you fit into your vision or reject. I could close my eyes, lean back, and walk around in my mind. I created a movie in my head and I actually felt I could step in, walk around, and see what was happening. Instead of just suggesting improvements or doing a drawing, we surprised them by making prototypes to show exactly what we could do.

A lot of them were just zeroed in on two or three things. One customer I remember was a fanatic about the way we painted his product. He is quite typical.

Most customers have a focus. You have to find that focus and then mine it for information. In fact, the waiter brought the box to show my son. Often, the narrower the focus, the more important that vision is to the customer. If you want macaroni just the way Mom makes it at home, no compromise is acceptable.

But first you have to discover what they really want. We talk to customers and use internal benchmarks like re-work or on-time-delivery scores to put the index together. Everyone who works here knows who their customer is. But sometimes our people might have several customers, both internal and external. Their Raving Fan Index is tied 32 directly to their own customer base and that counts heavily toward both raises and promotions.

How could you even think such a thing? No magic this time. Charlie ignored customer service and concentrated on his golf game. This suited the Area Manager. Already he had a couple of areas where he wanted to start improving service, but now he realized his priorities might not be the same as his customers priorities. First he had to find ways of getting good feedback from customers and then he had to learn to listen to the music behind what they were saying. When they left the golf club, Charlie instructed the Area Manager to again take a few days to work on what he had learned.

You have a phone number? Not into the traffic but suddenly just not there. Equally amazing, no one else seemed to notice. Inside was a single sheet of paper.

You owe me a golf game for that one, my friend. The agenda will be one item: No Raving Fans were discovered, but only 3 percent of customers contacted had a negative comment about the company or its service.

I told you before, we have to learn to listen to the music as well as to the lyrics. All I hear is the thundering applause of one hand clapping. He was starting to understand what his customers were thinking and he was beginning to filter this information into his own vision of perfection. Bit by bit he was beginning to feel confident enough to share some of the vision with his managers and he could see that they were becoming as excited as he was with the challenge.

He had been warned there would be differences between how he envisioned the customer using the product and how his customers would 34 view the same event. Nevertheless, he was surprised to see how very different those visions were with some customers on a few key points.

He had also discovered some unhappy customers whose expectations were so far outside his window that he knew he could never satisfy their needs.A red carpet extended from the valet parking booth to the store entrance. The Area Manager stared at the empty street. You have to create Raving Fans to be successful.

We are all graded on our service to customers. The washroom was spotless.

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Service is so awful customers expect to be abused. We are all graded on our service to customers. Harshita Jakhodia.

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