Handing on the Faith: Catechesis · III. The Aim and Intended Article 9 "I BELIEVE IN THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH" · Paragraph 1. THE CHURCH IN . asked "that a catechism or compendium of all Catholic doctrine regarding both books, was to be preserved in a continuous line of succession until the. Results 1 - 24 of 37 The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a summary of the truths of Christ as transmitted and taught by the Church He founded. The Catholic Catechism covers four major areas of our faith life: The Profession of Faith (Apostles Creed); The Celebration of the Christian Mystery (the.

Catholic Catechism Book

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The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a catechism promulgated for the Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II in It sums up, in book form, the beliefs of. Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation Book Cover Strength of a Vocation Book Cover Encountering Christ in Harmony Book. Catechism of the Catholic Church: Second Edition ( ): U.S. Catholic Church: Books.

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I can't actually review the Catechism; these are just my thoughts. It is a book of teaching catechism actually means instructions , rules, explanations and a guide on how to live your life the way Jesus asks us to in the Bible and through oral tradition. Any question you may have about Catholic doctrine or Christian living is answered within these pages.

Almost the entire book I found enlightening and I'm glad I can say I have read the whole thing. I found many passages that I've heard spoken by Popes, famous Catholic personages, priests etc. I'll admit some parts were a little tedious and boring for me, it depends on how in depth on a topic you need to personally go, but by far and large I was captivated by most of the reading.

Scripture, the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church as well as many other Saints are quoted extensively, so we are reading a lot of original source material. The section on the Church's teaching of social justice which denounces both communism and capitalism , is one where we could only wonder at how perfect and peaceful life on earth would be if all mankind could live according to the Body of Christ.

I find that having read this all the way through I have become a better Christian, a better Catholic, am able to explain my Faith a bit better and live it much better. I don't think I'll read it front to back anytime soon though that season may come again at some point but Ill certainly be pulling it out frequently to see what exactly the Church's teaching is on a subject before I sound off, make a personal decision or try to explain a delicate concept.

You can't live your faith without knowing what that faith is, and the Catechism is where you can first go to get the answers. Don't get me wrong, this in know way replaces the Bible. It's purpose is completely different.

The Catholic Catechism

Don't let its size intimidate you either, as it is not difficult reading at all and can be read topically or randomly. But as a Catholic one should never presume or assume one knows what the Church teaches, find out for yourself; the correct answers are only as far as this book which should be on a shelf in your home or office.

Mar 28, Carmen Hartono rated it it was amazing Shelves: So what do I think about the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

Might as well ask, 'What do I think about the Bible?

It is divided into four parts: Any Christian should know it by heart, "We believe in God Part one reaffirms the intention that has not changed for two thousand years. Catholics and non-Catholics alike should read the service part to better understand the Christian political point of view for the society they serve. The US Constitution is based on this ethic and morality.

The story of Adam and Eve speaks to an age old need for humanity to be in a personal loving relationship with creation and the Creator.

The CCC is written like a text book, but it should be read like the Bible. Just as one allows the Holy Spirit to speak through Scripture, so should one allow the human heart to lead while reading the CCC. This is a wonderful volume. It has been criticized for being dry and overly verbose, and then defended by its encyclopedic nature.

The Role of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

But I don't find it to be all that dry, and actually read the entire thing over the course of a year and quite enjoyed doing so. It's a great reference. I have both the small white hardcover edition, which makes for easy reading, and the large green edition, which is unwieldy but has a great index along with other supplements. A must-have for any Catholic home. Nov 20, Maria rated it it was amazing. I think I have to give it a 5 star because I'm Catholic and I'd have to go to confession if I didn't.

Oct 18, Zelie rated it did not like it. This book is NOT Catholic. It is totally evil; for it purports to be authoritative and definitive about the doctrines of the Catholic Church when the truth is just the opposite. It doesn't deserve even 1 star but there was no lower rating I could give. It is filled with heresy and apostasy which is no surprise because John Paul 2 was not a true pope but a manifest heretic and an apostate antipope.

There have been over 40 antipopes in Church history. The proof is undeniable. Some of the heresies this book teaches are that non-catholics can receive "Communion", that the old covenant is still "valid" and the jews should not be looked upon as rejected by God, which is directly contrary to what was infallibly declared in the Council of Florence confirmed by Pope Eugene IV which states that all those who reject the teachings about Our Lord are rejected by God and the Church.

The truth is that homosexuality is unnatural and is a result of sins of impurity, idolatry, and apostasy. For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature.

And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.. See this file for more information of this truth that people are not born "gay".

It is a truly charitable thing to tell people who claim to be "gay" the truth that will set them free. What is not charitable is to confirm them in their sin and encourage them in a lie that will ultimately lead to their eternal ruin. For the Proof see these videos: The Antichrist Revealed: What a person must understand is that the Catholic Church cannot defect. It cannot teach error to souls for it is the Immaculate Bride of Christ always faithful to His Doctrine until the end of time. The mission of these antipopes is clear, it is to try and destroy the Catholic faith—which is impossible—to try and deceive people claiming to be Catholics into accepting the false religion these antipopes promote.

The whore of Babylon seeks to be in communion with every false religion of the devil. Those wicked false doctrines are solemnly condemned by the true Popes as heresy and apostasy that places anyone who accepts those heresies obstinately as outside the Catholic Church. I say this in true charity. The information on how to convert to the Traditional Catholic faith can be found on the website www.

Apr 13, Jim Sano rated it it was amazing. There are more misconceptions or misunderstanding of the teachings of the Church Christ left us to hand on the faith. This book is a gift to anyone wanted to understand what the actual teachings are on almost any topic and what the foundational sources are for those teachings.

Great and readable resource for any Catholic or anyone interested in what it is the Church actually teachings and why. Mar 16, Stephy rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I hardly know where to start. Parts of this book have the potential for much good in the world. Much of Christianity falls out based on the writings of Paul, the most successful, long term productive spy of all time.

Publisher Description

Sent as a Roman spy to destroy the church of Christ from within, he kind I hardly know where to start. Sent as a Roman spy to destroy the church of Christ from within, he kind of steals leadership out from under the folks who Knew Jesus, declaring, and then making himself, and his words more import, historically, than those of any other biblical writer almost completely excluding Jesus' words.

The organization of the book makes it nearly impossible to follow a thought inside one chapter, much less connect it to another chapter. And written by men with their heads so deeply into their own importance that you can't believe much they say. Somehow I doubt that Jesus had in mind an annual washing of the feet of the largest donors to the parish annually when he said "As I have done, so you must do," to the disciples, having washed their feet.

So much is wrong about the way Catholicism actually functions. In no place have I found anything that addresses the fact that they are taking up special collections to bail out men whose lives are strictured into such an emotionally crippled state that they are turning to raping children to make sure they don't lean toward that most evil of sexual practices, intercourse dare we say making love with a woman. There is so much done badly in a big way that the bits of real goodness are driven away: The good people, the good priests, the good sisters, the good altar servers the potential for evil befalling an altar server is too great to figure out in numbers.

It's figured in millions of dollars.

I have to stop now, this is too much evil to look at for very long, and I daresay the confused ramblings of this review are at least a match for the confused ramblings of the assorted people who built this book. It makes me crazy, so much evil masquerading as so much good, being filthy rich and bemoaning the fate of the poor. Sell a few rings and feed a small nation, Pope Ben! Or better still, Sell a few rings and make a small nation self sufficient.

And don't insist they become Catholic or die as the trade-off! What inspired me to read this book was another book. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. The book opened my eyes to just how easily one can be led astray, no matter how Christian we believe ourselves to be. All of us slip, it's what we do, and the majority of us don't catch ourselves at it.

I started reading this, because I truly want to answer these questions: What does it mean to be Catholic?

If you do not follow the Vatican, are you still Catholic, even if you do live by the Apostle's Creed and th What inspired me to read this book was another book. If you do not follow the Vatican, are you still Catholic, even if you do live by the Apostle's Creed and the 10 Commandments? There's one by the Vatican, and then there's another one by the U. Catholic Church Why is there a version exclusively for the US?

Or is the U. Catholic Church different in some way from the other Catholic churches around the world? This would directly contradict the word Catholic, which means universal. Perhaps the U. Catholic Church is following their own rules, and maybe this is the reason why many American Catholics have grown to reject the faith?

However, like Orthodox churches, it is not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church or under Papal jurisdiction. So I was right! May 27, Tirzah Eleora rated it it was amazing. Not even Catholic, but never have I read a more comprehensive book on the Christian faith.

I started it almost a year and a half ago, but from what I remember earlier parts of it were often dense. Push through these bits! Jul 04, Matt rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Want to know what Catholics believe? Read the Catechism.

And if you have any trouble understanding anything stated, simply look up and read the references. What a treasure this book is! Yet another important legacy left by our beloved JP2. Sep 27, Joseph R. Started this as spiritual reading thanks to a recommendation from the Happy Catholic. The early part makes me want to read the bible more, for as St. Jerome says, "He who is ignorant of Scriptures is ignorant of Christ. It is not the best book to read straight through.

It is well organized but a little dry. Not completely dry, though. Many quotes from saints writings including biographies like Augustine's Confession and St. Teresa's Story of a Soul are used to illust Started this as spiritual reading thanks to a recommendation from the Happy Catholic. Teresa's Story of a Soul are used to illustrate or illuminate what's presented.

Such quotes gave me a reassuring sense of history and humanity. The sheer number of sources is impressive as is the historical breadth of them.

No century of the past 20 seems neglected or overemphasized. The unity of faith throughout the ages is awe inspiring. That being said, as a comprehensive presentation of the doctrines and life of the Catholic Church, it is necessary to be brief and to the point.

The Catechism is a great resource thanks to the thorough indexing and cross referencing. On the other hand, even though the Bible we have now is translated into modern English, unlike the Bible at the Council of Trent, it has not been rewritten.

The same Bible the Church had at the Council of Trent cannot be rewritten as the Catechism was rewritten. Rather, it is a new Catechism. It is useful for unpacking the Bible and understanding the truths of the Bible.

We can also see how the Holy Spirit has guided the Church when we read the Catechism, because the Catechism shows how Catholic belief builds on Scripture and the teaching of the Church over centuries. Why update the Catechism? You might wonder why the Church would update the Catechism at all. However, our understanding of the revelation of Jesus Christ can develop. But at the Council of Nicea in , the Church discerned that saying Jesus is consubstantial with the Father is the best way of expressing the truth St.

Paul knew: that Jesus Christ is God. Likewise, the Church has developed new ways of understanding old teachings since the Council of Trent. Furthermore, the current Catechism addresses issues that were not of concern at the time the New Testament books were written, or even at the Council of Trent. Issues like widespread abortion, nuclear warfare, and many others are specific to the modern era.

The Church has things to say about these issues, and so a new Catechism was necessary to show what the Church teaches about these things. How can I read the Catechism? The Vatican website makes the Catechism of the Catholic Church available to read for free. You can also download the Catechism for your site. It is easy to find hard copies of the Catechism, too, if you prefer to read a traditional book.

Just as the Church wants to make the Bible available to every Catholic, so also it wants to make the Catechism available to all.

It would have been impossible for the average person to have a copy of the Bible or Church documents.

An early church catechist would speak a teaching of the Church and instruct the listener to repeat it until it was learned by heart. The first Catholic catechism was written after the Council of Trent. It was published in and called the Roman Catechism.

A new catechism was not created until called The Catechism of the Catholic Church. Other bishops in various parts of the world have produced catechisms, such as the Baltimore Catechism of However, there was not a universal catechism produced between the years and The Purpose of the Catechism The Catechism of the Catholic Church is intended primarily to explain the teachings of the Catholic faith.

It is an excellent reference for the Catholic faithful. It is also a great resource for non-Catholics interested in learning what the Church really teaches. The Catechism can also help our spiritual life because it is a clear, systematic, and comprehensive presentation of the essentials of the Christian faith. By meditating on the teachings of the Church, we can grow closer to God the Church proclaims. Is there only one Catechism?

Not only can individuals learn about Catholicism from the Catechism, but also the Catechism can serve as a source for the creation of other teaching materials. Study materials can also be created based on the Catechism.

These might include textbooks for use in Catholic schools or commentaries on the Bible in light of the Catechism. The Catechism can also be adapted for specific audiences. There is only one official Catechism of the Catholic Church, but it has been adapted in many different ways. Some adaptations seek to simplify the Catechism to make it easier for different audiences to read and understand it.This is the man who received the seed on the edge of the path" Matthew , You have only read the basics.

If anything, they are overeducated in science, history, and world literature. The question, however, still remains: How to use the Catechism in the apostolate of evangelization and catechesis? It clearly show[s] that the problem of what we must do as human beings, of how we should live our lives so that we and the world may become just, is the essential problem of our day, and basically of all ages.

Yet another important legacy left by our beloved JP2. The Catechism draws on the Bible, the Mass, the Sacraments, Church tradition and teaching, and th Here it is -- the first new Catechism of the Catholic Church in more than years, a complete summary of what Catholic throughout the world believe in common.

Need to go back when I finish and enter at least some of them! Dec 01, Nicola Mansfield rated it it was amazing. They abandon their Catholic faith as a remnant of childhood.

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